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Cycling or NO CYCLING?

Submitted by Fonant on Wed, 2010-09-15 14:17
So, are we allowed to cycle here now, or not?

This temporary sign has appeared at the Lancing Sailing Club section of National Cycle Network route 2.

The conversion to shared use was requested by pedestrians and cyclists alike, to give both types of user more space to pass each other, and to slow cyclist speeds down. But the controversial “NO CYCLING” section in front of the Sailing Club, with its “CYCLISTS DISMOUNT” sign, was apparently going to stay. But perhaps it’s going to be shared use too, as would make sense?

If anyone has a reason why this particular section of route should be NO CYCLING, when other parts of the route (some of which are more hazardous to cyclists) allow cycling, I’d love to know!

Cycling or NO CYCLING?


Submitted by nigelga on Thu, 2011-01-27 11:36.
This is not a hazard for cyclists per sae; it’s for the benefit of the sailing club members who have to cross to the beach from the club-house during race week-ends, club days etc. This can make for a congested area at such times and I can’t see a problem respecting their wishes by dismounting to avoid potential collisions.

Not a problem for sailing club

Submitted by Fonant on Mon, 2011-06-20 16:30.
Actually Nigel, the sailing club aren’t bothered about cyclists here (we’ve had meetings in the clubhouse about this, and talked to several sailing club members), in fact they move their boats often from the boat park to the west of the clubhouse where cycling is permitted. They tell of just one case of a cyclist ending up inside a boat – usually cyclists can see a boat in the way!

The “official” reason is the junction with the road (although cycling is permitted at other similar junctions on the same route) and the narrowing with fences past the clubhouse (although this is actually safer for cycling as you don’t get people crossing the route here!).

As for congestion, the areas outside the cafés on Beach Green and at Widewater can get much more busy than at the sailing club. And the stretch along Beach Green is much more risky with children and dogs free to wander into the path of cyclists.

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