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Remove town centre dual carriageways

Submitted by Fonant on Wed, 2010-09-22 15:54

Wish type(s): Long-term aim, New infrastructure, Safety Improvement

Remove all town centre dual carriageways (A24 & North Street), narrowing them to wide single carriageway roads with segregated cycle paths, consistent pavements and planting (even additional parking if required as an incentive). This would negate the need for two stage pedestrian crossings and move the town centre away from car-centric. It would practically guarantee some shift to cycling and in some ways negate the vagueries of the Broadwater – Town Centre route (particularly for cyclists heading south where Upper High Street meets the dual carriageway of North Street). It is insane that people can still speed through the town centre
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Nice idea, but I don’t think

Submitted by bicyclejohn on Thu, 2010-11-11 18:02.
Nice idea, but I don’t think Worthing is ready for something as progressive as this yet. As things stand there are alternative routes on back streets. If the effect were to increase congestion further back the A24 then that might backfire on the cycling cause.
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