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Goring – Worthing cycle route, between Mulberry Lane and Wallace Avenue.

Submitted by Fonant on Wed, 2010-09-22 15:24

Wish type(s): Safety Improvement

Goring – Worthing cycle route A259 between Mulberry Lane and Wallace Avenue. This needs to be brought up to DfT minimum standards (or better!). It should be continuous, the speed limit should be reduced from 40mph to 30mph, the on-road cycle lanes need to be widened in places, in particular the westbound stretch leading to George V Avenue, which is less than 1m wide

I would go further than that and call for a narrowing of the road profile to accommodate a segregated cycle lane with separate pavement for pedestrians. There is more than enough space. This would effectively encourage a modal shift to cycling as non-cyclists perceive it as safer. I simply don’t believe motorists will ever slow down on that stretch unless you narrow the road profile slightly to accommodate a proper facility or remove the road markings to just showing a widened on-road cycle lane.
The road profile of King George V could be reduced in the same way to accommodate a Dutch style segregated cycle path thereby linking to NCN2. There would be no loss of parking and could even give scope to increased planting.

All the above would be cheaper investments than most Highways schemes. We can dream can’t we?!!

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The stretch of narrow on-road

Submitted by bicyclejohn on Thu, 2010-11-11 17:43.
The stretch of narrow on-road cycle lane and the 40mph speed limit could and should be addressed as priority safety issue. This should not be expensive to do. Further work to bring this route up to standard would be good, but there are alternative routes on back streets.
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