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Palatine Road to Goring Crossways (A2032 Littlehampton Road)

Submitted by Fonant on Wed, 2010-09-22 14:41

Wish type(s): New infrastructure

Cycle path / shared use space on south side of Littlehampton Road from Palatine Road to Goring Crossways Roundabout, with cycle / pedestrian crossing (east / west) at Goring Crossways roundabout to link to cycle route to Ferring.

Cycle/walkway (shared use) starting at the junction of Palantine Road and Littlehampton Road ( the Sussex Yeoman & Pelican Crossing) along the South side of the Littlehampton Road (A2032) inside the ‘safety fence’, alongside the Rife, all the way to Goring Street. This would make the connection from Durrington/Salvington areas to the cycle/walkway on the Littlehampton Road on the A259 which eventually joins up with the south coast cycle route at Ferring.

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This would fill an obvious

Submitted by bicyclejohn on Thu, 2010-11-11 18:58.
This would fill an obvious gap in the Worthing cycle network. The Goring Crossways roundabout is a significant barrier to safe and direct east-west cycling and I believe has a poor safety record. Plans for the West Durrington development at one stage included toucan crossings here. We could do with those (but without the development putting more cars on the roads).
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