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Re-position sculpture at Lancing Beach Green

Submitted by Fonant on Mon, 2012-08-13 10:52

Wish type(s): Safety Improvement

Someone has placed a sculpture, with sharp edges, bang in the middle of the cycle path at the western end of Beach Green, Lancing. This is already a tricky location, with the sharp 90-degree turn onto the pavement beside the A259, and the sculpture doesn’t help at all.

It would be relatively easy to re-locate the sculpture to the side of the path, thus making it much less likely that a cyclist hits it.

Following a site meeting at which Lancing Parish refused to consider moving the sculpture, a compromise was agreed: the nearest bollard would be moved to make more space, and reflective stripes would be added to the base of the sculpture. It was also proposed that some white lead-in lines could be added to give cyclists some warning that an obstruction was about to appear in the middle of the path.

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