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NCN Lancing: white lines painted black!

Submitted by Fonant on Sat, 2010-09-11 11:01
A man has been spotted painting black paint on top of the remaining sections of white line on the National Cycle Network 2 route along Lancing seafront.

We don’t know whether this is preparation for burning off the lines completely, or whether this is the final effort to “remove” the cycle lane. At least in some places the white paint is crumbling off all by itself.

Last night, Friday 10th September, our intrepid reporter said:

Cycled past a man with a pot of black paint and a 6” roller cheerfully painting out the white centre-line (and all the bike symbols?!?) this evening. At around 5:30pm he was approaching the sailing club (from the east), and by about 8:30pm he’d almost reached the western end of Beach Green.

Although the black paint doesn’t contrast too badly with the grey-black tarmac of the Shoreham end, the white concrete section past Beach Green now has an intermittent black centreline (only the bits where the previous white paint had not fallen off has been painted). You couldn’t make it up….

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