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Adur CLC Meeting

Date & time: 
Thursday, 9th September 2010, 7:00pm
The Adur Adur County Local Committee are meeting again, and an update on the progress of reverting NCN2 to shared use will be given at the meeting.

Official Agenda

Progress Statement

which says:

June minute 7: Lancing Green Mile cycle lane
The CLC are involved in the design of a package of measures which it is hoped can be presented at a future meeting of the CLC.
Contacts: Richard Speller/Simone Makepeace
September update
Progress has been made on returning the path to shared use:
  • Lancing Parish Council have carried out some remedial work on the bandstand
  • Guard Rails have been installed at Widewater Lagoon and the sailing club
  • A request has been sent to the contractors for the removal of the centre line and corduroy patches. New signage has also been requested from the contractor.
  • Costs to cover the green surfacing with black slurry seal has been discussed with the contractor
  • Mr. Cooper is going to propose speed control measures at 3 locations in front of the Beach Huts.


  • Guard rails and bandstand window replacement have added to safety of cyclists and pedestrians, so these are very welcome!
  • Covering all the green areas with black slurry seal seems to be a complete waste of money and completely pointless. Hopefully this will be rejected for cost reasons.
  • Mr. Cooper is the owner of the caravan park, and apparently he’s thinking of barriers to make three chicanes for cyclists. This will probably be rejected by the rubbish bin men, even if we don’t reject it on cyclist safety grounds.

Notes from this meeting

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