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Plan for A259 shared-use pavement, near Southwick Station.

Submitted by Fonant on Mon, 2010-10-11 10:56
Publication date: 
July 2010
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Design drawings for a short stretch of shared-used pavement on the north side of the A259 to link NCN2 (at the harbour lock gates) to Station Road, Southwick and the railway station.

The widened pavement (to 3m wide) is good, and the route would appear to be useful if heading east then north. Cycling in the opposite direction, south from the station then west, seems difficult as there is nothing to help cyclists cross three lanes of Station Road to get to the cycle path.

I don’t understand why Station Road needs to be three lanes wide here: surely one lane could be re-allocated from motor vehicles to cyclists? – plenty of space for a decent cycle facility.

Sadly this appears to be yet another scheme where cyclists are only catered for so long as the “long suffering” motorist isn’t inconvenienced in any way at all. So, again, the good words written over the last decade by WSCC that they want to encourage modal shift away from motor vehicles to cycling and walking are completely meaningless.

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